Opening up the EU for all non-EU online sellers

  • We import your stock to the EU as an EU entity
  • We store it, list it on EU marketplaces, sell it, fulfill it and manage returns
  • We provide full transparency throughout from your sales made to the money in the bank

From pick up to pay out, EUIOR breaks down the barriers of selling to EU shoppers

Who you are:

  • A non EU-based seller looking for a hassle-free way to sell and fulfill to EU-based shoppers
  • A post-Brexit UK seller who previously enjoyed substantial sales to EU shoppers
  • A non EU-based e-commerce site selling to EU shoppers through your own channels

What you need:

  • Products on the ground inside the EU
  • Fast delivery times to EU shoppers
  • Zero cross border selling, tax and duty complications

How EUIOR can help you:

  • We can provide a unique EU entity for every seller
  • Hassle free movement of product from seller country to EU warehousing
  • Lengthy experience of selling on all EU marketplaces
  • Consignments delivered to all EU shoppers between 1-3 days
  • Full transparency of your products and finances

How it works

With thousands of marketplace sellers having stopped shipping to the EU in 2021 due to tax complications and customs fees, EUIOR has transformed the process in our Six Steps to Success.

We import your goods

Working exclusively with our partner, we arrange
for your goods to be imported to the EU

We handle all the paperwork

Through our network of channel partners, we list your
goods on EU marketplaces as an EU seller, handling all paperwork.

Simple fulfillment

Fulfillment across the EU with no cross border complications and favorable
courier rates

24-72 hour delivery times

Your customers receive their orders in 24-72 hours. EUIOR can also offer a returns service through our partner network.

Full visibility

The marketplace pays your dedicated EU entity which you have full visibility of.

Weekly payments

Quick access to your monies and profits allowing you to re-invest. EUIOR can also help
with multi currency payment services making it easier for you to buy overseas stock.


Just some of the reasons to work with us.


Completely secure EU trading

Free storage taster

No storage fees for the first 2 months*

No Minimum

No minimum number of products needed*


Full visibility of every step in the process even the profit we make


We do the paperwork so you don’t have to


We work with an industry leading partner network at preferential rates

* available to sellers with less than 500 sku’s and an average weight per sku of less than 2 kg

Our Partners

The experience we bring to your EU trading project is supported by our Premier Partner Network. Each partner is highly respected within their industry sector and provides a wealth of experience to ensure your project is given the best possible infrastructure to achieve success.

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Our exclusive importing partner, have quickly established themselves as a leading Ecommerce importer of record. They provide hassle free DDP shipping from either your HQ or your suppliers warehouse direct to a number of EU countries.
Award winning 3PL offering an industry disruptive service that has enabled first time sellers with low sku counts to use a 3PL solution with no set up or storage costs, charging on a straight pick, pack & post basis

EU-based multi-language channel partner providing EU IOR sellers with fully managed integrations to additional marketplaces.
UK-based channel partner providing integrations to the world's largest marketplaces. They manage a portfolio of over 4000 sellers and have enjoyed recent huge growth, success and industry accolades
US based global leading channel partner providing integrations to over 150 marketplaces, along with a vast knowledge of how to make your individual marketplace businesses a huge success.


EUIOR are highly vested in your products selling. Once your account has been set up and your first products listed on an EU marketplace, we work on a commission-only basis.

If your goods don’t sell then we don’t get paid.

There are some investments involved to get you started, and up and running on a monthly basis. Where possible we divide these into fixed; monthly and sales-based.


  • Company formation – To deliver full flexibility for each client we set up a sole EU entity to manage all your affairs. This enables us to work in as tax efficient a manner as possible based on your unique products and requirements. It also allows us to build highly optimised campaigns with each EU marketplace based purely on the success and growing reputation of your products. 
  • Opening up a bank account
  • Applying for EORI number, BTW (VAT) number etc
  • Channel partner for marketplace listings (optional)
  • Shipping/ freight forwarding costs, including customs and taxes


  • Storage
  • Pick/pack/post costs
  • Return fees
  • Accounting costs
  • Bank costs

Sales Based

  • Marketplace commission
  • Channel partner
  • Our fee – which will be an agreed percentage of sales
Wherever possible, EUIOR will seek to absorb any running/monthly costs into our commission.
We may also cover your set up costs - talk to us to see if you qualify.

About Us

EUIOR is a collaboration between a successful cross border selling consultancy and a Dutch entrepreneur.

We work with non-EU based sellers to help them sell on EU marketplaces and fulfill orders across the EU. Our mission is to open up the EU, allowing international marketplace sellers to enjoy frictionless trading and fulfillment between member countries.

Our cross border selling consultancy manages a current partnership portfolio which has generated over £300m in cross border sales for individual sellers over the last 5 years. This has resulted in providing invaluable insight to the whole process and helped identify the niche that EUIOR fills in blending importing, marketplace listings and fulfillment.